Why learn Cross Krav Maga?

The art of Krav Maga has gained immense popularity over recent years and in this article we tell you why you need to learn Krav Maga.

First of all, let us dismiss the myths.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the world is a pretty dangerous place these days. We have currently seen an upsurge in violence throughout the globe with the terrorist incidents in Paris and the conflict in Syria. However, if we are truly honest the odds of you meeting a terrorist are extremely rare. So if you see martial arts of any kind using the events of Paris to back up their marketing, I think you need to stay away from that school.

The simple truth is that you are more likely to get involved in some form of an incident just through everyday life. In fact only yesterday I found all the cars in my street had their wing mirrors bent back. Imagine what would have happened if I had heard this taking place.

From road rage to bumping into someone in a pub, to walking home it is easy to see that violence can enter your life and when it does it is often quick.

So what do you do then? What is your plan for dealing with conflict?

Let me say this, most people have no clue. This is a real issue. So let us run through a few scenarios.

Scenario A:

You are out on your works Christmas party, you are at the bar when a girl bumps into you. Your drink goes all over you and clearly you are unhappy, but the drunken female takes offence at you being ‘unhappy’. She then picks up a glass and shoves it straight into your face. You are left permanently scarred.

Scenario B:

You are walking to your car after late night shopping and you have a lot of bags. You are struggling to get your keys out when all of a sudden a man comes from behind and hits you hard in the face. You go down and he steals your bags and starts kicking you in the stomach and face just before he runs off.

Scenario C:

You are on a train and it’s late, also on board is a group of really drunk men and women. They start to approach you and start to making comments about your appearance. You ignore them until they take offence at you ignoring them, you are sat down and one spits in your face. Your heart is pounding, your hands are shaking and there are another 30 minutes until the next stop.

You try and get up and one of them put his hand on your shoulder and says, “You are not going anywhere bruv.” What are you going to do next?

These are all real life incidents that have taken place in the world. None of them is about terrorists or guns. It is everyday violence.

Do you have a plan for these types of situations? If not then you NEED Krav Maga lessons.

Krav Maga will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence in being able to deal with, avoid and recognise threats to your personal safety

Can I learn Krav Maga Online?

There are a lot of on­line platforms where you can learn Krav Maga and many are very good. However, this does not replace real life training. On­line Krav Maga training should be considered as a support mechanism to physical training in Krav Maga.

Can I Learn Krav Maga By Myself?

The thought of stepping into a class may be tough. This is a real challenge as you will meet new people, and your mind and body will be pushed to learn new things. If you do want to learn Krav Maga but this is putting you off, there is an alternative. The other option is Private Tuition.

Private lessons are a great way to train with a coach. You have a one on one lesson with an expert and this will help you to increase your skill levels very quickly. The downside is that they are far more expensive.


Violence is more likely to enter your everyday life through natural human interactions than a terrorist incident. However, you want to have the skills to avoid and if required, deal with this then we suggest that you should learn Krav Maga. Start by finding your local Krav Maga Academy and signing up for a taster session.