Training with West Sussex Fire and Rescue Services

Keith Collyer and Steve Jenkinson with West Sussex Fire & Rescue Services.

Cross Krav Maga today had the pleasure of providing West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service a free knife awareness/defence seminar.

Keith Collyer founder and Chief Coach took the class together with coach Steve Jenkinson from Cross Krav Maga Haywards Heath was there to assist with the instructing and taking some photos for the Cross Krav Maga website.

Steve said this is such a worthy cause to support the Fire Brigade with these essential skills which could save their lives while performing their expertise for the emergency services.

Chief Coach Keith Collyer and his coaches believe in supporting the emergency services with teaching
the Cross Krav Maga skills, to overcome their vulnerability and prone to attack whilst trying to save lives and dealing with emergency calls.

Cross Krav Maga Hayward Heath coach Steve Jenkinson understands the seriousness of a fire as he was once inside a house whilst it was burning down and was saved by the fire services. Steve said you can only imagine how scary it must be for them to walk into a burning house to save lives and then suddenly having to deal with somebody trying to attack you.

As with all the emergency services, the training for their job role is second to none, however the training they receive to protect them from attack whilst on duty leaves a lot to be desired.

Keith Collyer is driven to teach and help anyone and everyone to understand how to defend themselves should a situation occur, Keith wants us all to be aware of the dangers the emergency services face 24 hours a day, and truly wants to teach the Cross Krav Maga skills to them all, So if any Police, Fire or Ambulance stations wants to learn more!

Please contact Keith at or email

Steve Jenkinson coach for Cross Krav Maga Haywards Heath felt privileged to be part of this seminar and truly values the knowledge and skills of Cross Krav Maga.
Steve explains how the journey has taken time and dedication for these skills to become second knowledge, Steve explains with continued training and determination to prepare yourself for the worst, it can be done easily with some very simple techniques and awareness of my surroundings.

Dealing with 999 calls in the first place can be horrific, just imaging being attacked while dealing with these truly challenging situations.

Follow Cross Krav Maga Chief Coach Keith Collyer and Haywards Heath Coach Steve Jenkinson in their quest to support these emergency services perform their expertise and keep them as safe as

With the help of the Fire services, the NHS and the Police force as well as testimonials from the military we hope we can do our bit towards the fight against crime and terrorism in today’s society.