Training with East Grinstead Fire and Rescue Services

KASP Life Assault Survival Program Workshop for East Grinstead Fire and Rescue Service.

Friday evening at 4pm was the start of a great evening for us at CROSS KRAV MAGA ACADEMY, we were invited to train the East Grinstead Fire & rescue services by Gary Waters Watch Commander so took the opportunity to visit their station and meet everyone and make a start.

I was talking to Gary who is a student of mine at CROSS Krav Maga East Grinstead and i could not believe the stories he was telling me regarding being abused, threatened and attacked when attending call outs and doing their job.

Being honest i find it totally disgusting that any of our front line services have to put up with this type of moronic behaviour at best so we decided to train the team as a thank you for their services and respect for what they do.

Assisting me was Coach Steve Jenkinson who teaches his own Academy at Haywards Heath, he also took some photos .

A quick overview of how the training went, we set up, got the guys in and introduced ourselves, went through what we would be learning and safety protocols, then got started.
Firstly we got the guys to warm up then gave them a foam encased wood training knife each and asked them to spar with it for 1.5 minutes.

We do this to look at their movement, any injuries and body mechanics, but most importantly to get them adrenalised and fatigued.
After this drill we then had a quick talk on knife awareness and to always make space and escape if you can, however if your on duty or cornered we do not always have that choice.

We then talked about the realities of knife assaults and how the knife on knife type of attack they just partook in hardly ever happens, its an ambush attack therefore most of the time does not give you time to create distance or just simply run away.

We then introduced the team to the NLB training knife, its a marking knife so under pressure you can see where your strengths and weaknesses are, its vital to have a form of measurement within your training so you can see where you need to work on most, this tool really brings it home just how vulnerable you are even with some knowledge of what to do!

We then got the guys to actually be attacked with the NLB marking knife, then we looked at our t shirts, got their observations and answered any questions.

We then proceeded to work through the KASP system, its a bolt on training module that we teach all of our students at CROSS Krav Maga Academy’s, also it can be taught to our clients for corporate training and also our HERT ( Hostile Environment Response Training) .

KASP is an acronym of Knife Assault Survival Program , a simple easy to learn system that helps you make the right decision quickly that could save your life.

We take what we teach very seriously, i have thrown away a lot of what i have been taught in the past to make what we teach as tight as possible, only working with sound tactics that work under pressure.

The training went on for around 3 hours, there was a call out half way through that half of the team had to go out and attend, just an alarm but they were back, we filled them in with what they had missed and carried on, instilling in us the sort of job they do, always on call.

We covered fear and how to understand and control it, Mindset, showed and discussed different edged weapons and their use and whats used predominately in these attacks, social and asocial violence, knife statistics and how that can help the way we teach, The law, use of force ladder, and the effects of adrenaline.

The session was very physical and even though only after three hours they had a much better idea of what to do if they really needed to survive an assault with a knife.

We then had a debrief, a quick talk on how you must expect to get cut and see blood, what tactics to deploy quickly without hesitation and how this, when trained and becomes a flinch response, can even the odds from this gravest of situations. We then discussed how they can maintain their training and practice. The training was very well received and we al thanked each other at the end which was a great conclusion to the session.

Would like to thank Gary Waters – Watch commander of East Grinstead Fire and Rescue Service – Eastern group Operations for the invitee and hopefully none of your guys will ever have to use the skills taught to you and hope that society changes for the better.