Seven reasons to train CROSS Krav Maga

1) SELF PROTECTION. Not every confrontation will escalate in violence, especially if you learn self awareness skills, de – escalation skills and how to avoid trouble in the first place. We teach you these skills.

2) CONFIDENCE. Learning self protection skills gives you confidence, and the training means that you look and move in a confident manner, this is what predators are looking for, they pick weak targets, if your confident and show this in your body language you have less chance of being attacked.

3) PHYSICAL HAND TO HAND SKILLS. No matter how aware we try to be, sometimes we may find ourselves in situations we cannot avoid, we show you the basic gross motor skills needed to repel an attack and how to survive to
get home safe for yourself and to protect your loved ones. Easy to train, easy to learn, and easy to retain.

4) MIND SET . We train how to change your mind set from prey to predator, to do what you have to do depending on the type and ferociousness of an attack. We are not trying to change your personality or who you are, but to switch on and attack the attacker and escape as soon as possible, using such force that is necessary and proportionate, i.e. reasonable force for the situation.

5) WEAPONS DEFENCE. Unfortunately more and more weapons are being used on the streets today, we show you how to defend form all types of weapons that you may have to defend yourself from, wether that be blunt objects like bats or bottles, edged weapons such as knives or broken bottles, or firearms. Of course we would rather escape but if you cant these skills could save your life.

6) FITNESS AND STAMINA. Our classes are a great whole body workout and you also sweat and lose weight, gain strength and learn self protection skills at the same time.

7) MAKE GOOD FRIENDS. There are no ego’s in our academy’s, our classes are mixed and all people from different backgrounds and ages train together for individual benefits but also as a group. Were all like minded and you make
good friends and have fun, while also learning skills that can also help you in everyday life.

You can contact Chief Coach Keith Collyer on 07751843751 or visit for details of classes in the Sussex Area.