Knife Attack Survival seminar – Lumpini gym, Crawley Martial arts centre

This article as about the recent Knife Attack Survival seminar that CROSS Protection Services recently put on for a client, being a large martial arts gym in the south of England. The seminar was booked by the gyms owner and chief instructor John jarvis, a great well know muay Thai boxing coach who wanted to teach these life saving skills to his students.

We arrived and set up in the usual way, and all seemed quiet until we got to around 10 minutes from the start time, then people started to arrive, i expected around the 20 student mark but was surprised when we had 34 signing in on the attendance register.

After a brief introduction of myself and my coaching team we then went through the usual health and safety brief, then
got on with the presentation and training. Firstly i went through edged weapons and the hierarchy of what we can do before the last resort of dealing with the attacker real close, this is an eye opener, helps to engage the attendee’s and show we are not an ego based system promising that i wont get injured and cut, making it clear that dealing with a knife up close is the last resort.

After a quick powerpoint presentation on UK knife statistics, what is an edged weapon and UK Knife carry laws and threat awareness, we introduced the NLB Training knife, then got the students warmed up and shown the basic angles of attack and using the blade, then went for the timed pressure test before any type of training, this is imperative to have a before and after, so you can measure the results and work on weaknesses. After everyone had defended from the timed attacks, we then worked on getting the basic tactical positioning and footwork right.

We proceeded to challenge the students with training drills and showing the basic principles that make this system work should you be in this dire situation. We then went on to show graphic photos of victims and their injuries and how the knife is devastating, we looked at all the common threads running through the photos to gain a better understanding on how attacks are orchestrated, also how many people were still alive with terrible injuries, thus giving everyone the mind set to carry on and never give up attitude.

After hours of drilling the system, we then went through the OODA Loop, applying combatives, High value targets, fighting brutal and also escaping from the engagement, also the engagement and dealing with this problem when you are surrounded or just cant escape.

We had many talented boxers, Muay Thai fighters, BJJ guys and they all worked hard but was surprised at the results,
the red t shirts were telling no lies, they were surprised at the ferocious manner the knife comes in to play, the distance that can be covered in the blink of an eye! After the training and at the end of the seminar, another pressure test, now to see if any of the training has worked! Everyone seemed more confident and did a lot better the second time round, the fear factor is still there, which is natural, but having some basic knowledge helped to go straight into the attack and change the mindset! A fantastic seminar that finished with great questions by all, some video testimonials and feedback.

Big thank you to all that participated and also to my team Coaches Paul Warwick and Steve Jenkinson for the great support that made this course run smoothly. Also it would be rude not to mention the No Lie Blades we used for the training, i am happy to also be a qualified NLB Instructor and have taken many aspects of the NLB system into our own programme, and also teach the same content wether its for CPS or NLB.

Hopefully it could keep someone safe and save a life!

Keith Collyer – Chief Coach