How Some Krav Maga Instructors Are Gambling With Your Life

Life It is a sad fact that Krav Maga has changed a lot since it was created. From the destructive and highly capable style of self defence used by the Israeli military, we have seen some Krav Maga schools teaching nothing more than a watered down style of boxercise. However what these instructors do not realise is that they are gambling with the lives of their students!

Stop F##king Around At Knife Defence

One night you are walking home when a ruthless ageing crack addict approaches you and demands your wallet. You look him up and down and see a really small knife in his hand. He looks really intoxicated, and after all you have done a lot of knife defence at your Krav Maga class and ‘you don’t want to be robbed by some old man’.You use your moves and a struggle takes place. The knife falls to the floor and you see the man running away.

You think to yourself “I did it. I won”

However your top feels damp, it’s dark so you touch it, and you think to yourself that the attacker must have been wet, after all he smelt. But then your legs weaken and you drop to your knees. You roll onto the floor and the amber tinge of the street lamp sheds light on your body and it is then that you realise you have been stabbed in the chest. Your chest starts to hurt as you cough and wheeze. You desperately try and shout for help but you can’t. You fumble for your phone but it slips from your hand. You are thinking of your young daughter at home, she will be getting ready for bed now. Your vision gets blurred, you feel cold and tired. Your eyes start to close as you begin to see the flashing blue lights coming towards you. It’s dark now, you’re cold, you can’t see but you hear muffled noises. Like a radio. Is it the police or is it an ambulance?
You just want to be home, with your wife and daughter. You want to read her a story, you want to cuddle her. You want to………….

What You Teach Has Consequences!
Ok so the above account is heavy on the drama but I do not apologise for this. The blasé attitude towards blades that seems deeply embedded within the Krav Maga community is playing with fire. However we see countless videos on the web that talk about defending against a knife attack as if the knife was a toy. There seems an overwhelming lack of respect for the blade which is lethal. A knife is lethal, even in the hands of an ageing , intoxicated crack addict who is desperate for one last fix. You need to be 100% successful in your defence, he just needs to have 1 cut that lands.

Knife crime has risen!
“Knife crime across England and Wales has risen for the first time in four years official figures have revealed.
Police recorded 26,370 offences in 2014/15, up from 25,974 the previous year breaking​ a downward trend since 2010/11.”

The risk is very real that if you have a confrontation it could involve a knife!
Are you sure your knife defence will work?
If not why are you teaching it?

Do not Give In To The Pressures of Growing Your School.
There is a pressure to keep classes fresh, but do not substitute quality for teaching ineffective

Cross Krav Maga was born out of frustration with the traditional Krav Maga syllabus. It was to flashy, too fixed and lacked depth. It was more about keeping class members happy, and getting gradings done than teaching morally responsible self defence. Our students have families they want to get home to. We do not want them to have a false sense of confidence about their ability. If you are reading this you need to have a serious look at your training. Do you feel confident enough to take on a guy with a knife? If you do then leave. Not because you are so good you do not need training. You need to leave because you are being taught in a manner that is not real. If you aren’t sure how effective your training is try and use a No Lie Blade to test your training. This will tell you all that you need to know. Knife defence is a serious subject, treat it that way.