Edged Weapon & Knife Awareness Workshop in Lancing

Saturday 12 th November 2016 CROSS Krav Maga Academy put on a edge weapon awareness workshop for the local parish of Lancing in Sussex.

The workshop covered edge weapon familiarity, being aware of yourself and your surroundings, noticing strange behaviour, pre fight cues, knife selection and myths, concealment, differences from a threat and an attack, the law, victim selection, common sense, trusting your intuition, targeting, stress and how we deal with it, gross motor skills and why its important to use them, also we did a demo on attacks and threats with a knife. If you are interested in learning more self defence techniques, our nearest location to Lancing would be our Hove class.

The local community benefited from it and had some great feedback, the Lancing Herald covered the story and took photos for their paper, and we had the local parish Councillor Gloria Eveleigh quoted as saying the workshop was ” extremely interesting and helpful in helping people to recognise and avoid any real threats, if ever they encounter them!

Fantastic days work, thank you to all the local residents who attended, thank you to my student Sean Clark for getting it organised, the Parish council for lettinig it happen and also the support of instructors Paul Warwick, Paul Manchester and student Peter Tacacs, thanks guys great team effort!