Edged Weapon Assaults

Knives are easy to buy, or simply easy to take out of the kitchen drawer. They are silent, inexpensive, easy to conceal, and devastatingly deadly, especially in the hands of a committed attacker. The average attacker can slash and stab 8-12 times in as little as two seconds.

Some horrendous damage to veins and arteries causes the human body to shut down due to loss of blood pressure and damage to muscles and ligaments causes immediate incapacitation to the part of the body that was targeted and damaged. When faced with someone with a knife, or edged weapon , you do not have time for fancy techniques that are practiced in today’s gyms or what looks good in movies! You do not even have time to worry about the level of force and wether its reasonable,otherwise you are not focusing 100% on surviving and you could just become another knife death statistic! You must control and destroy your attacker.

If you cant escape or use a barrier or weapon of opportunity, you must change your mindset, and attack the attacker with medieval deadly force, anything less and your a pin cushion. Sorry, no flashy disarms or Hollywood bollocks are taught at our Academies, under constant pressure testing we have learned that disarms do not, in general, work! We teach basic gross motor skills that work under adrenaline and full on pressure, you must train to as near the real level of violence you are likely to endure, and with the  rise in knife crime, and the new terrorist threat of using edged weapons to attack the public then you have to be honest with yourself as an instructor and only teach if you have actually pressure tested it yourself, under stress of another training provider so you don’t start to believe your own bullshit!

Sorry i am very passionate about this subject matter, people are being killed or have life changing injuries, and if students come to you to learn how to protect themselves from this threat then you better have a good game plan or you as an instructor really are irresponsible and should not be teaching. We try to explain and attempt to ingrain the fact that what you see in the movies and in most of  majority of Martial Art clubs is useless on the streets and will get you killed.

I have been training in various traditional martial arts and also self defence systems for near on 20 years and i have fully adopted the NO LIE BLADE (NLB ) system into my own system of CROSS Krav Maga Academy. Yes I have my own take on it, but the basics are the basics, and this training knife was a wake up call and a game changer for me, so i have used the NLB principles and have actually incorporated them with my own methods to have a system that I teach and can honestly go to bed at night and sleep well knowing that what i am teaching works to as good as i can teach.

I have come to the realisation that no system out there is foolproof against a knife, there are no 100 per cents in anything, however if you train that you will get cut, you will see blood, you will survive and you are going home and not to give up, this is what saves your life, mental attitude! I am an NLB and Mil-L/E Instructor and continue to train and evolve with Hank Hayes and the team, and being that Law enforcement and Military also use this system the only endorsement i can give is that i have fully integrated this into my own system CROSS Krav maga, which is in itself a system built on world war two combatives, Wing chun principles, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Stay Safe

Keith collyer – Chief coach/Founder