Do You Need Gun Disarms In Your System?

As a Full Time Professional Self Protection Instructor i find it really annoying when i see gun disarms being taught which in all honesty will get you or your students killed.

Firstly anyone can buy a rubber weapon off the internet and start teaching gun disarms to their students after looking at a Youtube clip, and i have seen this first hand with a local kung fu school who has just started to teach this to their students.

Most of the gun disarms i see out there are, for instance, ‘’ the worlds fastest gun disarm” when really it should be labelled the worlds most stupid gun disarm!

In most situations regarding Self Protection, anything flash will get you killed, and how you deal with this certain threat will have everything to do with how you were taught by your instructor!

Many instructors teaching this certain subject matter have never even held a real weapon never so much as fired one, how can someone who has no training in firing and handling of firearms, the safety aspects when handling firearms and knowing how they function even have the audacity to teach this subject.

What i am trying to get at here is that if you can explain the workings of a real firearm, use blank firearms to show your students the actual noise a firearm makes when your that close to it, use air soft to actually make sure they turn off line from the gun muzzle or they are going to feel some pain, so actually getting them used to a little bit of training adrenalised, then surly thats the way forward, and by actually taking some form of practical firearms training beneficial to you as the instructor to have a much better understanding and incorporate this into your teaching. You do not even have to be a brilliant shot with one, just some basic knowledge that also shows gun handling and gun safety so even in your class you are teaching these skills so if your students do come into contact with a weapon they can have a good idea to be safe with a loaded weapon?

I am not going to go on about which type of gun disarm is good or bad, or one technique over another, its a subject that we all have, as professional instructors, our own style or preferred methods, as long as the principles are adhered to, making sure you move the weapon off line, turn your body offline, cover the slide and grab the weapon, add combatives and use what ever technique to take the weapon then disengage and escape.

This articles real purpose is that it is wholly irresponsible to teach this subject without having proper training yourself as an instructor, and there are also the

psychological aspects of dealing with this threat that needs to be addressed and trained otherwise none of this will work.I am not saying all instructors are going out of their way to teach sub standard gun disarms, what i am saying is if you want to teach it then be responsible and learn it from a credible source, and learn about how a firearm works, and no real ones are not made of rubber and they do go bang!

As with any reality based self defence system, it is only as real as you can train it in a safe manner, so its never really “reality based” unless you want to train with live ammo ( ER ……MMMM) so you train as real as you can make it so when the shit hits the fan it may work, and i mention the word ‘May’ because there are no

100 per cents, only damage limitation and trying to escape to survive.

Would some training in firearms disarms from someone with limited knowledge be better than nothing?
Being honest, thats your call, but i will say this, it could give you false confidence and you could end up worse off!

Some organisations do not teach firearm disarms at all, due to the fact that their could be severe repercussions if someone is killed by a technique taught in a self defence class, my view is that firstly your system should be principle based, not technique based, this will enable you to change and adopt different strategies depending on the situation and the changes that can happen in the blink of an eye that completely change the dynamics.

I always teach that if they want something its not worth your life so give it to them, unless of course you know you have got to do something, however even though this type of threat is rare in the UK, we all travel abroad more often and also we now have the terrorist threat so i would rather have an idea what to do than no idea at all, however thats my view yours may be different.

Always ask your instructor where he/she gained their knowledge on this subject, if they attend regular tactical firearms training, and check that the actual material you are learning is scenario based, otherwise leave well alone and check out someone who has either military experience or spent the money to go abroad to shoot, someone who has made the effort to learn, an instructor who actually does all of this because they feel responsible for their students and only want to teach to the best of their ability.

Train Hard and be vigilant.
Keith Collyer