Brighton Self Defence with articles written by Sussex Police and Mirror, Metro and Telegraph news

Do you live in Brighton and want to learn some self­ defence? If so you need to understand a few things first and in this article we will explain why self­ defence training is not just about learning to protect yourself, it is about so much more.

If you look at the stats below that showcase crime levels in one area of Brighton, you can see that violent crime occurs more than other crimes except anti­social behaviour. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to walk the streets. In fact, the real risk of you becoming a victim or violent crime is quite low.­crime/stats/#crime_trend

Self Defence training in Brighton should not be seen as something you need to have, instead it is a skill set that you should want to pursue.

But why? After all if crime levels aren’t that bad why should I take self­ defence classes?

The simple reason is that violence can enter your life at any time and you need to be prepared. After all the risk of burglary is quite low but you still have locks on your door and home insurance.

Brighton is quite a safe town but like anywhere it does have its issues­the­safest­and­m ost­dangerous­places­to­be­a­student.html

In this article Brighton has been named as one of the most crime­ ridden areas for University students with more recorded sexual assaults than any other area.

This is not nice for anyone to hear however a lot of factors go into the recording of crimes. In this article, that talks about the best places to live in the UK, it paints Brighton and Hove in a different light.­are­officially­the­best­and­worst­places­to­live­in­the­uk­545 6791/

Brighton and Hove are neither in the top ten or bottom ten and sits at 109 which is well above a similar seaside resort in Blackpool and Brighton does not feature in the top 50 crime hotspots in the Uk either­news/britains­crime­hotspots­revealed­50­5852573

So Brighton isn’t the worst area but it certainly isn’t the best either but do not let the fear of crime be a motivating factor for choosing self­defence training.

At Cross Krav Maga we believe that by offering Krav maga training in Brighton we provide so much more than self­ protection skills.

The Benefits of Self Defence Training at Cross Karv Maga which is located in Brighton

1. Fitness

Yes, self­ defence training will burn more calories than you think. Dependant on your levels of fitness and weight, a krav maga class, could burn between 500 and 1000 calories.

2. Friendship:

Much more than a hobby, being in a krav maga club is like a community. You will soon make lots of friends and Cross Krav maga includes its Facebook community as part of its membership so you can keep in touch and make those new friends. This is also essential to support you through your journey.

3. Strength

A good Krav Maga class might burn calories but you will also get stronger. From our combination of exercises and skills training you will soon have a stronger core, arms and legs.

4. Self Defence­

It would be silly if we didn’t talk about the self­ defence application of Krav Maga. You could be walking down the streets of Brighton one day and need the skills we teach, so why wait until then? Krav Maga is considered one of the world’s best self defence systems.

So if you live in the Brighton area you can start your training today at Cross Krav Maga and you will be given a friendly welcome by our team.