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Seven reasons to train CROSS Krav Maga

1) SELF PROTECTION. Not every confrontation will escalate in violence, especially if you learn self awareness skills, de – escalation skills and how to avoid trouble in the first place. We teach you these skills.

Do You Need Gun Disarms In Your System?

As a Full Time Professional Self Protection Instructor i find it really annoying when i see gun disarms being taught which in all honesty will get you or your students killed. Firstly anyone can buy a rubber weapon off the internet and start teaching gun disarms to their students after looking at a Youtube clip, […]

Do You Really Need Self Defence Training?

Being a resident of Crawley now for over 35 years now I have seen many changes, and one of the main changes, unfortunately is seeing how knife crime has impacted on our society and how nearly every week the front page of most local papers reflect this and sadly a loss of another life.

Edged Weapon Assaults

Knives are easy to buy, or simply easy to take out of the kitchen drawer. They are silent, inexpensive, easy to conceal, and devastatingly deadly, especially in the hands of a committed attacker. The average attacker can slash and stab 8-12 times in as little as two seconds.

How Some Krav Maga Instructors Are Gambling With Your Life

Life It is a sad fact that Krav Maga has changed a lot since it was created. From the destructive and highly capable style of self defence used by the Israeli military, we have seen some Krav Maga schools teaching nothing more than a watered down style of boxercise. However what these instructors do not realise is that […]

What Is Meant By Awareness?

Being able to spot a potential attacker ‘BEFORE’ he attacks is one of those skills that few possess and most would desire. However, we rarely see an article about how to do this. Today we will change all this and give you an actionable guide to spotting people who are going to attack a person.

My Thoughts On “Is Reality Based Training Reality Based?”

Firstly I am writing this article from a view of teaching and training in a background of traditional martial arts and also reality based self defence. All traditional martial arts have many benefits which we all generally know about, being that it could be focus, respect, fitness, resolve, self defence and friendships being forged and being your whole way […]

LEO Survival Story Using No Lies Blade Techniques

Recently we published a Whiskey5 article on NLB Tactical. Understandably, some readers were skeptical as few people outside of a relatively small circle have heard of this company. But, they’ve been training the Detroit Police, as well as others, for years, so when I saw this testimonial, I thought it was worth a share.