Anna’s visit to Brighton Amazons

Anna ran a taster class for the Brighton Amazons. They are a group for women wishing to try extreme sports and wanted to try Cross Krav Maga as part of this.

They also wanted to learn some important self defence skills for travelling safely on their own. All the Crosss Krav Maga coaches feel very passionate about educating self defence and keeping people safe in their community.

There was a good turn out for the class and lots of enthusiasm for learning Cross Krav Maga. We practiced looking and sounding confident. Then we shared tips for getting around safely and noticing warning signs that a situation/person is a threat.

The session also included practicing strikes and ways of getting out of grabs. The group put in a great effort and learnt some really useful skills for staying safe.
Comments from students included;”Great class”, “Amazing class!!Great tips, Thank you”, “Confidence building and empowering””Very Useful, great, i learnt alot”, “Brilliant,very useful and interesting afternoon, thank you!) Thanks for all these lovely comments, they make me very pleased to be doing this work.